Waldorf Toys, What is it?

Rudolf Steiner is the founder of anthroposophy. He is also the founder of the Steiner schools that teach based on anthroposophy, better known as the "Waldorf Schools". Without going too much into detail about anthroposophy, you could say that in anthroposophy people are interested in developing a higher consciousness. According to Rudolf Steiner's teaching, children have an instinctive urge to develop. This process can be clearly seen in the first year of life, a baby developing from lying to sitting then crawling and eventually walking upright. Parents and teachers only need to support and facilitate this.

This way there is a lot of room for the creativity and initiative of the child. Anthropological toys are in line with these values.

Stimulates imagination

Compared to plastic toys, Waldorf toys might look simple, maybe even boring. If your child is used to plastic toys with lots of colours, sound and stimulation, it will certainly take some time getting used to toys that don't 'do anything'. Waldorf toys are about stimulating the child to use his own imagination. Imagination play at its best. The simpler the toy, the greater the effect on the imagination. The child can give its own interpretation to the game. For example, dolls often have no gender, nor facial expressions, so that there is as much room as possible for children to decide for themselves whether it is a man, woman, boy or girl and whether he or she is happy, angry, sad, etc.

Recognise Waldorf toys:

Why Twelve Senses chooses Anthroposophical toys

As an anthroposophical shop, we have chosen to sell only anthroposophical inspired products. Our range of toys are sustainable created and in many cases are made by hand. The toys are finished with water-based paint or vegetable oil. You will therefore not find any chemicals. Nice to know that your child plays with safe toys. Each toy was made by a person who put his heart and soul into it.


Felt Flower Fairies by Ambrosius

Tree House by Magic Wood

Wooden Animals by Holztiger


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